Fine quality reeds for harmonicas and acoustic accordions since 1935

An excellent reed
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Fine quality reeds for harmonicas and acoustic accordions

Making reeds, at first glance, is crafting metal with great precision: cutting, grinding, refining, assembling.

Metal parts are crafted to make them interact with the air, because reeds work with air, and they are made for air.

But the end product is not the reed. The end product is invisible, almost intangible: it is sound.

The sound of the reed is conveyed by the material: it can express a sensorial feeling, a vitality, a brightness, a beauty that transmits something special, something magical.


of construction

A new paradigm of acoustic quality

What does quality mean in practical terms for a reed that works well? What enables a reed to be defined as high quality and endowed with high acoustic potential?

The following seven points explain the elements of quality that determine the positive acoustic value of our reeds.

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