Awareness of working goals

Setting oneself working goals is essential. Can industry set itself goals?
Are these simply found in the profit indexes?
Isn’t there something more fascinating beyond the normal rhythm of business,
maybe a destination or a vocation, in the life of a factory? (Adriano Olivetti)


Offering quality. Quality is the identity of Voci Armoniche, and the beating heart of our Italian tradition. Quality is the line that connects the past with the future, the fixed reference point with which we set the compass in the present time. In an era when quantity prevails over quality, Voci Armoniche unequivocally puts quality at the centre of everything it does, in a decisive, clear, and coherent way.

Quality is the element that qualifies, that creates value through distinctiveness, that offers content that can be recognized and appreciated. Quality is opposed to uniformity, to downward homologation. The realm of quantity is a desert; the realm of quality is a garden, rich in beauty and diversity.

Offering musicians a sound principle of high quality and objective beauty to improve and expand the expressive possibilities of the instrument; offering a range of reeds, of consistent, authentic quality and a diverse range of acoustic characteristics, to meet the various subjective performance preferences.

Offering harmonica and accordion manufacturers a product and service that really offers them the opportunity to make the most of their instruments; and to raise and exceed the current quality standards.

Providing Service and Assistance technicians with full support in terms of the product and service, as well as technical assistance, information and training.

Focusing the company’s business on continuous research applied to the reeds, achieving excellence in the area of product and service quality, improving the production process; consistently promoting and developing the local production tradition and the 100% Made in Italy production ethos.

Only using the finest materials in all the reed-making processes.

Helping to improve bellow-driven aerophones by encouraging and driving development within the production chain.

Maintaining and developing responsible practices concerning the environment, the working conditions of our employees, the circular economy and the common good.

Constantly carrying out our work in connection with the principle of good; and friendship, which is based on that same connection. Not pursuing wealth; seeking the things that expand the meaning of our humanity in relation with its origin and its destination.