• 10 Oct 2020

24th Edition – “Gentile da Fabriano” National Award

Lorenzo Antonelli, Chairman and CEO of Voci Armoniche, receives the Award for the “Marche workshop” section. Established in 1997 by Carlo Bo with the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Gentile Award was created to recognise commitment and value in social, economic and cultural life. The explanation reads as follows:

To Lorenzo Antonelli, for the ‘Officina marchigiana’ section.

Lorenzo Antonelli is Chairman and CEO of Voci Armoniche. The company, founded in 1935 in Osimo by his grandfather Luigi, is in the district of the Marche region that has been producing accordions for more than a century. Reeds are the heart, the sound principle, the essential physical element of the accordion. They are high precision metal components that generate sound through airflow.

Today's markets require vision, the courage to change, energy and expertise. Lorenzo Antonelli, after graduating and obtaining a Master’s degree in business management, trained in the most advanced organisational methods. In 2012, he launched a comprehensive business restyling plan to adapt the company to the current challenges, based on the decision to ensure a product that is 100% made in Italy. He has succeeded in taking the best specificities of both craftsmanship and industry and combining them in a creative synthesis that might be defined as excellence manufacturing.

Lorenzo Antonelli combined the traditional know-how of a workshop in the Marche region with the most advanced organisational and technical-productive methods, creating a structured system of skills, and a beauty of sound that starts out in the Marche region and goes forth to conquer the world.

President of the Judging Panel
Prof. Vilberto Stocchi