• 1 Jun 2021

Welcome message

There is no greater knowledge than music for the harmony of the soul

A very warm welcome to all the visitors to our new website!

This website is dedicated to all harmonica or accordion players and those who may choose to play this magnificent instrument in the future. In the constant research we carry out to improve our reeds, the sound principle of the accordion, our most deep-rooted motivation lies in our will to offer musicians a means of expression with superior acoustic qualities, to enrich with new possibilities the ineffable and wonderful medium of music.

This website is dedicated to all those who work on free reed aerophone: to those that make them and endeavour to improve them, to those who tune them, those who service, repair and restore them, to those who teach people how to play them and to music schools, to those who sell them in music shops, to those who carry out technical and musicological research, and to all those who simply adore the sound and magic of the accordion as an acoustic instrument.

We firmly believe that the accordion and the harmonica, given their expressive and sound characteristics, have great potential as acoustic instruments. The presence of the bellows, which give such a physical and vibrant expressiveness, and a sound so extraordinarily rich in harmonic elements, are unique traits: and so we said to ourselves, those of us whose trade is making reeds, that it was worth all the hard work and ingenuity we can put in to give the accordion as lively and beautiful an acoustic heart as possible, to make it even more enchanting in the magic of its music.

We have chosen to centre the new website around its content. By content, we mean serious and useful information about our reeds. The first reason for this choice is our respect for the customer and for the principle of professional honesty; the second reason is that reeds are always surrounded by lots of confusion and uncertainty. We would like to provide more clarity and transparency, and to raise the awareness of users at every level of use.

We are convinced that knowledge is a good power: it gives customers the opportunity to make an informed and fair evaluation and helps manufacturers to perceive the value of the product with transparency, honesty and quality. Knowledge brings us closer to the actual reality of things and avoids confusion, uncertainty, incorrect choices and disappointments. Luckily there is still a long way to go in terms of improving the instrument and increasing the gratification of those who make music: forging a strong partnership with the members of the production chain is the solution that leads to new milestones in this direction.

Our contents, which are often innovative as they are the result of the study and research we have applied over the last few years, also serve as a stimulus for developing and inspiring the construction of value in the chain we have described. Product and culture must go hand-in-hand in order to create value. Reliable, informative contents form the basis of relations oriented towards trust, collaboration and improvement.

A few years ago, in the production departments, we posted an image on the walls: a photograph of a series of exquisite blue pearls. This reminds us that the reeds we manufacture every day must all be just as perfect and shiny as those pearls.

Lorenzo Antonelli and Giansandro Breccia
CEOs of Voci Armoniche