New possibilities of quality for the productive chain

The innovations, progressively brought to our reeds since 2012, have led to a clear difference in quality compared with the other reeds currently available on the market. These differences are:

  • The functional value: responsiveness, versatility and dynamics, consistency, resistance to breakage.
  • The acoustic value: richness, timbre definition and quality.
  • The functional and timbre consistency of all the reeds assembled in the instrument: “A stair made of identical steps”.
  • Consistency and stability of quality over time.

The innovations achieved now enable our clients to optimize the reeds of their instruments with definite results. New possibilities and potentialities for the productive chain are emerging to increase the acoustic, functional and expressive qualities of the harmonica and the accordion.

The reed should not need to be adapted to the reed blocks, on the contrary the reed blocks should be adapted to the reeds, as the reed is the acoustic principle of the instrument. Reeds and reed blocks are an inseparable binomial. For these fundamental aspects Voci Armoniche ensures technical support and assistance.