Production process

Where sound quality comes from

The production of reeds requires skills in metallurgy, precision mechanics, acoustics, music theory applied to the specificity of the harmonica and the accordion; moreover, each stage of the production process requires organisation, skills and expertise, a lot of care and attention, and an awareness of what is being done. In certain stages, reliable craftsmanship is required.

People make the difference, because reed work is labour-intensive. These aspects are a prerequisite for a solid reed factory, especially if it intends to produce quality reeds.

All this leans towards, converges around and culminates in sound: sound is the end product. Product quality is ultimately an acoustic quality. Dimensional tolerances become hertz cents, sound intensity, harmonic intensity variations, attack transients. It is crucial to build for the air: because air is the element in which the reed works and is measured.

For Voci Armoniche, the production process is the conceptual and physical dimension where quality is created and made. Its organisation and management, which is based on the growth of skills and the expression of the people's talents, is the subject of continuous care and attention.