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The five ‘S’

We ensure real and tangible quality, excellence, reliability and a consistency of the product/service. Voci Armoniche aims to achieve continuous improvement by implementing the 5S and Kaizen methods. We constantly train our staff to let them improve their skills, aptitudes and technical-productive levels.

In Labore Eequies

The 5S (seiri - categorization, seiton - tidying up, seiso - cleaning, seiketsu - maintaining and shitsuke - self-discipline) is an apparently easy and effective Japanese method transforming and deeply improving productive organisations; starting from the objects around us such as utensils, equipment and the environment where we work every day. This method raises awareness and improves the contact with reality, both at individual and collective level; it’s an exercise applied to work, which leads to the here and now. The 5S are the precondition of every method that aims to achieve continuous improvement: as they work on raising awareness, they pave the way for a panoramic company improvement, at every level.