100% Made in Italy

Certified quality

The semi-finished components: the quality of the parts which make up a reed is one of our strong points. Quality of the materials (steel and aluminium), quality of the production equipment, and quality in the execution of each tongue and plate.

Checking each stage: 100% made in Italy means that our entire production, from start to finish, takes place in Italy. This is the result of a conscious choice related to quality, because it enables us to subject each stage of the manufacturing process to constant and continuous monitoring.

The fact that a product is 100% made in Italy gives it a true identity and naturally qualified; it is a sign of the product’s coherence with a tradition of quality to be valued, developed and kept alive, but never used as an income.

We believe that clarity, transparency and honesty are values to be cultivated and promoted: this is why when we sell our reeds, we always identify them with our own brand. By checking for the presence of the mark and certificates, those who choose our reeds can easily check. We firmly believe that the certificates of origin and quality which always accompany our reeds are an element of distinction, which guarantee and enhance the instrument. The manufacturer of the instrument is responsible for applying and attaching the certificates onto the accordion correctly.

Marchio Produzione

Production mark on plates

Since 2006, Voci Armoniche has placed its own brand name on the product to provide customers with a guarantee of authenticity. This is a laser marking, placed on the top of the reed plate. The marking reproduces the company logo (in the centre) and the word ITALIA (vertically on the right). One reed is marked for each set of reeds, placed between the middle notes of the treble section, on the right hand of the instrument.

Certificati Qualita

Adhesive certificate of origin and quality

Voci Armoniche certifies the origin and quality of the reeds it produces with adhesive labels for application inside the instrument. As a general practice, the label is applied by the instrument manufacturer to the back of the reed block. A label for a full set of reeds (right and left hands) is provided. For the Tipo a mano (hand-finished), A mano (handmade) and BlueStar® reeds, the adhesive certificate bears the name of the corresponding reed type. If the certificate bears the neutral phrasing “Certificate of quality and origin”, it refers to Super Durall, or type C reeds.

Main Qualita

Outer certificates of quality and origin

Since 2020 Voci Armoniche has made available a certificate of origin and quality in paper with a string, which can be placed on the outside of the instrument. A label for a full set of reeds (right and left hands) is provided. The certificate bears the company logo, the phrasing 100% made in Italy and the following wording: "Voci Armoniche certifies and guarantees that the reeds contained in this instrument are produced entirely in Italy with high quality criteria and in full respect of the local tradition of craftsmanship".