High range professional, classic, concert standard reed with excellent acoustic potential: the original reed of Italian artisan tradition

A mano

High range professional reed, which proposes the formal and acoustic properties of the finest Italian artisan tradition. Excellent acoustic potential, versatility and intensity, balance and definition in the harmonic fullness of the timbre. Hand riveted, extreme precision between tongue and plates; tongues crafted to the highest standard of craftsmanship. Impeccable aesthetics and form in all aspects of the reed, from the radial design of the rivet head to the hand polished surface of the plate.

General characteristics:
High range reed, for both professional and amateur use, with an exquisite artisan finish and meticulously crafted functional, acoustic and aesthetic qualities. Excellent acoustic potential; full, intense timbre.

Classic, concert standard timbre with an intense, rich, defined, full, balanced flavour.

Crafting process:
All the production phases of the parts, tongue and plate are performed and monitored with particular care; the same occurs in the assembly phases, to optimise the functional and acoustic performance of the finished reed. The finishing phase, carried out by hand, ensures the basic quality aspects, preserving the integrity of the tongues while ensuring the physical appeal of an artisan product.

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